Eminem Relapse Review (2009) (illuminati, freemason, new world order PROOF) Relapse Lyrics Analyzed

May 14, 2009

Relapse Lyrics Analyzed Reveals Illuminati, Freemason and New World Order references… Video further explaining this are located at the end of this blog.

Ok, This was a LONG awaited album from Eminem. He hadn’t done too much music wise for a solid 4 years. However, let me be one of the first people to tell you, that this is the CD is what I’ve been waiting to hear from Eminem since he released the Slim Shady LP. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked all of Slim Shady’s projects, however, Myself along with others believed he just wasn’t delivering in the same way that we all loved. BUT, this could have been all apart of their plan. That isn’t a typo, I said “THEIR plan”, as in, not just Eminems idea/will to disappear for 4 years, or to rap with a strange accent on songs etc… You might be thinking, “What the HELL are you talking about?” Well, most of us haven’t realized on a conscious level what goes behind the scenes of the music industry. With that being said, it’s fair to say that, we don’t REALLY know what’s going on behind the scenes of our Government. Then with that being said, we have NO IDEA what is going on behind the scenes of the World as we know it. However, there is an Elite group of people who do know exactly whats going on. Please recognize that this agenda is being implemented globally.

So what does this “Agenda” have to do with Eminem and his new cd Relapse? Well, not everything to do with it, but he is a large part of the Machine. If you haven’t heard anything about the New World Order yet, please look it up on youtube. I will leave you the links to high quality content Youtube vdeos explaining everything from the what the New World Order is and means for us, Who is behind the New World Order, and all the connections between the celebrities (actor, singer/rapper), media, Government and this New World Order agenda. I’m not going to give you the history and the breakdown of what you NEED to know to appreciate the symbolism that I perceive throughout Slim Shady’s “Relapse”, you’ll have to listen and read about the truth yourself. So bookmark this page, because I will be adding more content regularily.

Since I know that Eminem has known about this hidden agenda for some time now, I know that when I go back and listen to every song on his past releases, I’ll find plenty more examples to proove what few are starting to realize the truth about the Media, Government and Hollywood, and ultimately our lives and the World as we know it. Anyways, without further delay, I present an indepth look at the ENTIRE new Eminem album entitled “Relapse”. Pass this on to your friends who are fans of Eminem, so you can finally understand what he’s talking about and where the hell he is coming up with some of his lyrics.
The Intro:

The intro starts off with Marshall walking into his Doctor that tended to him in rehab.

The Doctor states that Marshall is being “…discharged today.”
The Doctor then asks how he was feeling.
Marshall responds, “Ah, anxious..”
Doctor: Anxiety…(in a tone hinting he knew he’d be feeling like that)
Marshall: “Well anxious to get home, anxious to get back into the world, nervous…”
Doctor: “Nervous? Come on Marshall, your a big boy now, your sounding like a bit of a baby, you can do this. You find a sponsor yet?”

a)  First off, you find out Marshall is LEAVING the rehab center. This represents freedom. How this relates to us is, us wanting our freedom, us enjoying our freedom.
b)  The Doctor goes on asking marshall how he was “Feeling”. After hearing Marshall’s reply, the doctor said “Anxiety” in a tone almost mocking him, and already knew how he was feeling.

c)  Anxious by definition is “full of mental distress or uneasiness because of fear of danger or misfortune; greatly worried; solicitous”.. The fear in this case is going back into the world, that ultimately put him in the rehab in the first place. This could mean he was afraid of facing the dangers of the World that could mean certain people, drugs, and or the Devil or a higher authority.

d)  The Doctor then totally cuts him down, insulting him calling him a baby, and that “..you can do this.” then quickly asking “You find a sponsor yet?” – Well, WHAT is he referring to when he says “YOU can do this?” One way to look at it is that the Doctor means, “He’ll do fine back in the world” However, at the same time that message is for YOU the listener, letting you know that YOU’LL be fine in the world, assuring you it’s ok. You find a sponsor? Is the Doctor asking Marshall if he had found someone on the outside that can help him stay sober, however, asking this question so fast after saying “You can do this”, seems to indicate that the Doctor didn’t want you to think about what he said to you too much. He didn’t really want you to think “I can do WHAT? because when he asks “You find a sponsor?” He wants you to keep saying “No, or, Ummm, or, Well, or describing feeling nervous and axious. This creates DOUBT in your mind that indeed “you CAN’T do this”. But again on the other side the question about finding a sponsor, almost suggests him as his (Marshalls’..or yours) sponsor, or in other words someone who helps and supports you (in this case, Marshall).

Marshall: “Umm.. not yet, but I mean, when I get back…” (cut-off by Doctor)
Doctor: “Welll, if you find one you find one, if you don’t you don’t
Marshall: “Well, yeah, I mean, I gotta start goin’ to meetings first and, wait, what?” (coonfused)
Doctor: “Well I mean you don’t absolutely have to go to meetings, i mean its not like, a requirement, i mean if they fit into your schedule,  i know your a busy person..”

** The Doctor continues to cut him off, and just doesn’t care what Marshall has to say really…***

Marshall: Well yeah, but, I though sobriety was the most important thin… (cut-off again by Doctor)
Doctor: So what else are you thinking?

** Doctor could represent our sponsor, or the higher powers?… and how they want to KNOW what we’re thinking.. Think about the internet, how its continually having better forms of targeted ads to specific users on computers.

Marshall: Umm… Well, I know i gotta start practicin’ the steps and, I mean learn ’em and start bein able to apply them
Doctot: The steps?
Marshall: Yea, the steps
Doctor: Theres alot of them aren’t there
Marshall: Well 12 but
Doctor: Christ, I don’t even know them all”

a)*I’m not too sure I know what ‘steps’ represent, but it sounds like they could. The only thing I could think of is that it coul be relations to the 13 degrees, when you first start at the bottom of the pyramid, you have 12 degree’s, or step’s to get to the ‘all seeing eye” or top of the pyramid.. However, I don’t know how confident I am with that. And then the doctor says to reply to the number steps with ” Christ, I don’t even know them b)all” This can be interpreted as directing this comment to Christ meaning, ” I don’t even know all of the people I affect, because this evil is brought into our everyday lives through the media, and symbols that are literally everywhere.

Marshall: Really
Docotor: Anything else?
Umm well, the only other question i have is, what do i do if i find myself in a situation, where, maybe somebody is drinikin around me or somethin like that, and i get tempted to.. (cut-off by Dr.)
Doctor: Take a drink!,  Marshall: what? Doctor: Take a drink, and, you know, take the edge off
Marshall: Take the edge off? Man, if I have a drink I already know what that’s going to lead me to
Doctor: You mean these (shakes pill bottle)

** a)The doctor tells Marshall that he should take a drink if tempted, to remove the edge, he’s tempting/teasing him…. because the Doctor knows exactly what it would lead him to.. He Knows because he knows how you THINK.

At this point, a devilish or evil entity voice appears speaking to eminem taunting him to take the pills, hence Relapse. You can hear this evil entity say to Marshall “Marshall, whats the matter darling?,(something I’m unable to interpret) You Can’t leave me, you’ll never need me, we’ll always be together Marshall.. Marshallll.. Marshaaallllll… Its Very Sinister Sounding.


verse 1

“There is no escaping, thee’s no place to hide, I scream someone save me, but they pay no mind”

a) There is no escaping what is coming, the New World Order

“blood alll over me, bodies behind the counter shit, guess I musta just blacked out again. not again”

a) Talking about killing Mcdonalds workers, blacking out and not rembmering what happened, is something that happens when someone is possessed.. then adding the not again, notes that he has done it before (the chorus (hook) reinforces this)

It really seems like Eminem is possessed by various serial killers


its 3am in the mornin’
i guess i must have KILLED-‘EM, KILLED-‘EM (the way he says it sounds like ‘KILL-DUM”) now if you watched the video’s that explain the translation of Rihanna’s ‘Disturbia’ when she says “bum bum BE-DUM bum bum BE-DUM bum..

verse 2

he says many things in this verse in a certain way that you just have to hear.. There is alot of elements that he adds that are of great interest on this entire cd he says thru chants, or overlapping, melodies, tones, even the T-Pain Auto Tune sound in a couple of tracks sprinkled throughout the track.

near the end of this verse he says:

“JESUS, when does it end? PHASES that I go through
“GAZED and i’m so confused” DAYS that I don’t know who”
“GAVE these molecules to” “ME what am I gon do?”
“PAY the prodigal son” “the diabolical one, very methodical when I slaughter them”

Just wait until you hear how he says that part of the verse, the flow and the post production is amazing.  But he speaks of phases that he goes through, and being confused, and he notes that he knows he changes sometimes like he has different molecules in him. Now I THINK he says “PAY the prodigcal son” not 100% sure, so don’t quote me on that. the last line near the end is said with a stronger accent, maybe that represents its his alter-ego, or the “monster” inside of him as he later refers to it.


This is a quote he uses from Silence of the Lambs

She puts the lotion in the bucket, it puts the lotion on the skin, or else it gets the holes again
She puts the lotion in the bucket, it puts the lotion on the skin, or else it gets the holes again ( this time said with more character, and the sinister voice saying it in the background) (end of bridge)

Verse 3

The way he speaks about popular females right now in the industry further backs from YouTube who has video’s revealing how the females in the industry all portray some sort of whore once fully out in the open… They all make the transition to get to the next level… Rappers like Jay-Z, Beyonce, 50 cent, Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre, Lil’ Wayne, Pharell, Kanye, and RIHANNA (remember Umbrella? It wasn’t about a girl an her unconditionaly love for her Boyfriend…Your thinking just how THEY want you to… and that’s not very much. Basically anyone that’s in hollywood is a part of this secret society, not everyone knowingly/voluntarily knows what they are doing, but just think, all of them just do what they are told from someone above them, just like everywhere else.. I’m telling you that you’ll see symbols of free masonry all over the artists clothing, they make references to all of this in their lyrics (as you can see with Em, talking about alot of things that just seem ‘way out there’ for the average person to think), because the average person doesn’t know what the Elite know. Presidents are all a part of this too. You can find reference to the devil in many popular logos of restaurants like Taco Bell to Walt Disney, Countries flags (ex.China)….


Somethings is happening, stop being blind to the signs.

My Mom

This song is about his mom loving drugs.. and his love for drugs was because of his mom…and how is mom kept him sick by putting pills in his food… feeding him paint thinner..

My mom..loved valium.. and lotsa drugs
thats why i am, like i am, cuz i’m like her

bcuz my mom.. loved valium and lots of drugs
thats why i’m on, what i’m on, cuz i’m my mom

the way he says this chorus, listen to how he emphasizes ” I AM, LIKE I AM.. and I’M ON. WHAT I’M ON..” again, this is a certain tone and said in a melodic way, that I’m sure that people that are professional analysts could determine what it means. Just understand, I’m just learning about the Illuminati/Free Masons/New World Order..

ALSO, I’m sure there’s a significant amount of children that have mom’s or parents that have drug problems, and the people that hear this song that can relate to what he’s saying about having a parent that’s addicted to drugs are going to think its “OK” to do what your parents do, whether good or bad, because look how Eminem turned out, right? Now of course people with strronger minds won’t be susceptible to these kind of lyrics throughout the CD, but they are making these songs for the masses of the “DUM” (dumb)…


“I was born with a dick in my brain, yeah, fucked in the head, my step father sed that i sucked in the bed
till one night he snuck in and sed, were goin out back, i want my dick sucked in the shed”

WOW.. that’s vulgar..But I really don’t mind, and that’s the point Myself, and others are tryin to make… We have become decensitized.. On purpose, by these exact same methods.. Through Media.. more specifically, the Music outlet.

“If you could count the skeletons in my closet, under my bed and up under my faucett, you would know I’ve completely lost it”
is he nuts? NO, he’s insane!


I RUN THE STREETS AND ACT LIKE A MAD MAN HOLDIN’ A BLACk BAG (or Glad Bag) <sed in a nasally voice/effect>

I really don’t know what Bagpipes from Baghdad means…

i’m going to get, a needle and thread from the sewing kit, and attempt to seperate ’em and stitch ’em back at the loin, shit
lure the little boy with the chocolate chips ahoy CHIP, cookie, lookie,even took me a polaroid pic

This when translated is talking about how they are trying to SEPERATE all of us, get us against eachother..then the “Government” will have to step in and get us all together again (together as ONE WORLD, new world order)
He mentions CHIP as in chips ahoy cookies.. but when looking at that line and understanding about what the big picture is, microCHIPS are what they want implanted in us, without this chip you won’t be able to buy or sell anything.. With this chip they will be able to know your location globally…


This has got to be one of my favorites!!!!  SHAAADDDY

Helllo.. allow me to introduce myself.. my name is…. Shaaaady, its so nice to meet you
its been a long time, sorry that I’ve been away so long my name is Shaddddy.. i never meant to leave you

“my equilibriums off, must be the lithium, i dont need to buy any drugs, man ppl give me them”

“I’m juss bustin’ my own chops when i’m bustin a rap, Resussitated and rejuiced, so fuck it im back”

and at the end of the song he states “its like starting over… clean slate…(*chuckles*)”


he makes reference to pale moon

you HAVE to hear this song.. I believe he is rapping as an evil entity, as he has an accent.. it seems that Em has more than 2 personalities.

but in regards to Lindsay Lohan, He says when he speaks to her
“if i wanted to kill you it woulda already been done.. slowly she gets in, and i begin to lynch her with six-ty-six inches of extension–cord”
— when he says sixty-six, it obviously sounds like 666

He’s talking about his victims… I don’t know what this means… What do Eminems victims represent?..
his victims are stated as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. And he mentions Lindsay being his first victim, and Britney was his second… Now if Eminem is speaking as the Devil, or an evil entity, there is no way that Lindsay Lohan was the devils first victim… Because Madonna is def’nitly a part of this as well… So Eminem must be talking about when his alter-ego first killed or influenced Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.


The title of this song alone is a message.. “WE MADE YOU” as the powers that be KNOW that the amount of time parents spend wit their kids is very little per week, and your kids are susceptible to all kinds of media in one day, especially at school thru word of mouth, don’t think that they don’t know. The Illuminati is what was responsible for Kennedy’s death. Because Kennedy didn’t follow them, he wanted to actually make a difference, but that would have interfered in the progression of the New World Order agenda

This song makes fun of many things, Star Trek, Lindsay Lohans Lesbian relationship, Kim Kardashian, even himself.. but I’m sure you’ve at least heard this song.  Just know that WE MADE YOU was chosen as a single for a reason.. the whole song pretty much follows the same DNA as his other singles like Without Me, My name is..” However the title and the chorus is the message inteded fro you to take.. ” We made you”.. its a possessive statement.. Remember that these artists have what most people call ‘sold their soul’ for their fame and riches, so the ‘we made you’ can also relate to them as well, or as it would seem to me anyways.


Its like i’ve got the wole world in my palm… and i’m ready to drop bombs (and you can hear the sound effect of the bomb dropping, and you dont hear him say ‘ drop bombs’ in a demonic sounding voice)

i guess its time for you to hate me again, lets begin, now hand me the pen,
how should i begin, now hand me the pen, how should i begin it and how does it all end?
the world is just my medicine ball, your all in

Medicine Ball by definition, is a weighted ball roughly the diameter of the shoulders (approx. 14 inches). Often used for rehabilitation and strength training.

— Is He saying that the world is what he uses to get stronger? He feeds off of us? The energy that we give to him when we pay attention to him.

Welcome to the Slim Shady Mecca Rebecca, its the village in New York, right next to the Tribeca, that’s my sector
homosexual dissector, come again, rewind selector

Mecca is defined as: a) A place that is regarded as the center of an activity or interest. b) A goal to which adherents of a religious faith or practice fervently aspire. He’s telling you the location of a place where many people are going to be or want to be. And upon findong out about the TriBeCa, it states  on Wikipedia that, The name is a syllabic abbreviation of “Triangle Below Canal Street.”
Now right away the TRIANGLE should stick out in your head if you know about the illuminati and free mason symbols… and like Eminem says, TriBeCa is a neighborhood in lower Manhattan, New York.
He’s saying that’s HIS sector.. His sector for what? Is that where Shady Records is? (not too sure.. i wouldn’t be surprised)..

“After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, TriBeCa suffered financially. However, government grants and incentives provided an infusion of capital and the area rebounded.[citation needed] Amidst the recent real estate boom, TriBeCa housing prices outpaced even those of the highly popular Manhattan market as a whole. Tribeca has become one of the most trendy residential neighborhoods in the city. Forbes magazine ranked the 10013 zip code in TriBeCa as the 12th most expensive zip code in the United States in 2006.[2]” — from wikipedia

“i’ll pee on rihanna, see man i do whut I wanna..” — he can do what he wants because he is of the elite, the mention of the females on this album seem to be women that are part of the elite,and if you watch the youtube rihanna video scrutiny… and you’ll understand what i mean when I say “how women are treated in these societies” and why most female stars have a whore-like image.


follow me, come with me to the dark side of the force, no man will boldly go, to this place,
the devil only knows of this world, so dark and cold, its oh so cold oh so cold… <spoken/all sed very choppy and in an accent>
ok, not 100% sure, but its hard to make out… but it sounds like he says this at the beginnin’ of the chorus:

soon as my flow starts, i compose art like the ghost of mozart, even tho’ they all say that there real, i know that most aren’t
boy you think your clever don’t ya, girl you think your so smart, come with me to another side  in a world thas’ cold and so dark
“MARSHALL LAW, a world so cold, a world where on-ly, some will go
(says something in the background at the same time he says “STAY WIDE AWAKE”) when will they learn, where do they go, God only knows
(i think what he says in the background somethin like “AND NOT RETURN”)

Now whether he says “Marshall Law” or not, the fact that its sounds like it is enough… He is telling us to come with him to a world so dark and so cold.. what’s he talking about?? How would this make sense in any other way.. if he was talking about this world, he wouldn’t be saying “come with me” if were already here… There’s something going on.

sit down beside her, like a spider, hi, there girl you mighta
heard of me before, see whore, your the kinda girl that i a-ssault and rape and figure why not make your pussy wider
fuck you with an umbrella then open it up while the shits inside ya

Now you defninately need to watch the Umbrella video again, by Rihanna and Jay-Z… you’ll see Rihanna dancing with the umbrella, in a sexual way.. Then when you watch the analyzation of the Rihanna Umbrella video, you’ll underdtand why Eminem rapping those lyrics is significant..

Rain Man, Jay-Z, Umbrella, Eminem (“my new name is, RAIN MAN).. There’s just too many connections, in what we THINK are all separate artists or labels… but EVERYONE are really friends and connected, just like wrestling.. there really isn’t beef betwen artists..its all part of “the game”… Yea, thats right, The Game and 50’s beef was staged…


so dark and so cold, my frends dont know this other side of me
theres a monster inside of me, its quite ugly and it frightens me
but they cant see what i can see,  theres a vacancy in my tummy
its makin me play hide in seek like Jason i’m so hungry
shes naked see, no privacey but i can see she wants me
so patient see, i tried to be, but gee why does she taunt me
pull the drapes and she goes right to sleep and i creep thru the front see
so blatantly but silently cuz i know that shes sound sleep
whos waken me so violently, and whys he on top of me
hes rapin’ me, she trys to scream , somebody please get him off me
hes tapin’ me hes bitin’ me, hes laughing like its funny
shes scrapin me, shes fightin me, shes scratching like some dumb freak
escapin’ me, no dice you see, i might just be ted bundy
or Satan G what a sight to see, i’m dancing in my red panties
im crazy, but its alright with me, man life can be so empty
stay away from me, cuz i’m dancing to quite a different drum beat

again he speaks about it being so dark and so cold… he says that his friends don’t know the other side of him, meaning there is some sort of secret he keeps from certain people, not EVERYONE he is friends with is a part of what he is.
he states there is a monster inside of him (hmm..weird that theres a monster inside of Rihanna too ‘Disturbia’) and he says its ugly and it scares him (much like the monster scares Rihanna)
now when he says that THEY CAN’T SEE WHAT I CAN SEE, i believe he is saying that the ones who don’t know the other side of him, can’t see what he see’s
and hes dancing to quite a different “drum beat” drums are usually associated with voodoo, shamanism, paganism and magic rituals.. Which made me think about how hip started with adding drums to jazz etc..


It must be the ganja, its the marijuana
thats creepin’ up on me, while, i’m so high
maybe its the henny, that has gotten in me
whatevers got into me, i dont mind repeat 2x

Somethings creeping up on him, while he’s high..or maybe its the henny that he’s feeling…but whatever it is he doesn’t mind.. Remember the chorus when you hear what he says at the end of the song

I’m with the Doc so, You know how that go, Skull and the Crossbones
this is poison the boys and girls who do not know
you do not wanna try this at home my novato (novice)
this is neither the time or the place to get macho

well how blatant is that, he says with the Doc meaning Dr.Dre, and you know how it goes when they are together, Skull and the Crossbones (Secret Society)
hes saying that that “this is poison” i’m assuming his music, for boys and girls who don’t know any better, I’m not sure what he’s referring to ‘not try’ at home, but him stating that its nothe time or the place to get macho, or to fight back against.

isn’t it safe to say, this is the way it should be?
Maybe you need some lyric syrup serem for your symptoms.. here’s the dosage of the antidote now you give him some, he can give her some, she can give him some…
get behind the lynn drum, make up a beat and kill the sucker syndrome.

I’m not quite sure what he says before it, but he’s asking if you agree that it should be that way.. and if not then maybe you need ‘lyric syrup serem’ letting you know his music is the medecine… and hes basically saying that you can take it, and thru word of mouth you can share it with everyone else too..

when the smoke rises right before your very own eyes, and you stare into your stereo’s EYYYYE (all seeing eye reference)

HOW would this line make sense any other way?? When the smoke rises, before our very own eyes ?? letting us now, that there is indeed a smoke screen that were all in front of.. then he goes onto say “and you stare into your stereo’s EYE” its not plural, its just EYE… how the hell do you stare into your stereo’s eye? where is the eye on a stereo?? hes implying something… again watch the videos below, you can understand (i-pod = eye-pod)


“Good evening, this isn’t even a weed thing, I ain’t even smoke anything, I ain’t even drinking”

– So its not the weed or the liquor thats makin’ him feel strange… something else has gotten into him


“speak of the devil, its attack of the Rainman” – the mention of Rainman again, think Jay-Z, Rihanna, Umbrella (from the videos below)
“smoke signal in the sky like Verizon wireless” – if you look at the Verizon Wireless symbol, its also masonic…Take a look at the Vonage logo as well


Alot of people ask me where I’ve been for the last few years… shit i dunno, but i do know, i’m back now

Here Comes the Rain, and thunder now
no where to run, to run to now
i’ll disappear, you’ll wonder how
looking for me, i’m underground

again, RAIN is mentioned.. that the rain is coming, and now we have thunder on its way, and there’s nothing we can do it about it, and we can’t escape what’s coming. Then he boldly states that HE WILL DISAPPEAR and WE’LL WONDER HOW, and if we look for him, he’ll be UNDERGROUND… and if you watch the many videos on youtube about the new world order and what’s going on, you’ll hear how they already started making living quarters underground resistant to radiation. They already have 5-6000 of these things made underground in the states…Russia has like 22,000 or so made.. so America is behind… Why are they building these? Because they are planning to kill off North America with nuclear bombs EXCEPT the people that are a part of the ELITE and those able to live underground.. Remember they only want the global population to be 500 million. Then when you see the ideo with the 500,000 plasitc coffins in Georgia right now, when asked why FEMA ordered 500,000 plasitc coffins in Georgia they said it was for “INCASE THERE WAS A MASS BIOLOGICAL OUTBREAK” and these plastic coffins can fit 3 ppl each in it… and they have more than 500,000 plastic coffins, thats just the amount at that location. PLEASE people, don’t just hake this off like its nothing… look into everything, you’ll start seeing the bigger picture.

“the fuckin’ antichrist is back danny, its satan in black stain panties”
I think that line might be from American History X because thas’ the only reason i can think he says “danny” after he says “the fuckin’ antichrist is back Danny”

now i don’t know what he means when he says this, but it doesnt make sense to me:
“razor blades with me to make you believe, cases of maybelline make up, lay on a table of weed” —- (whats the relation to maybelline make up and weed?)

fuckin’ doctor i ain’t understand a damn what he said, i planned to relapse the second i walked outta that bitch

now understand that because he knows that kids look up to him, and already on songs like ‘My Mom’ he says the reason he does drugs is because of his mom, and he turned out alright (kids see him as a successful person, which he is)… He knows that people will follow what he says, and try to emulate him… So if these kids end up in rehab, they’ll think the same way… Its just reinforcement for his listeners that follow him..

Thank you for reading my analysis, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe opened your eyes to the fact that SOMETHING is going on right before our eyes. Also, upon writing this on Wednesday May 13th, 2009, I just saw Barack Obama speaking at ASU (arizona stat university).. and if you look at the ASU symbol, it has the sun symbol’, dont get it twisted that symbol is a freemason symbol too… Go ahead and listen to his speech.. Listen to what he’s saying to them. I’m telling you that this CD will be HUUUUUGEEEE… Its going to selll so many copies, I wont be surprised of he breaks a new record… The Media will make a HUGE deal about his lyrics, which in turn will create even more sales… you see how it works? The Illuminati is behind the Media..Vince McMahon and Ted Turner are at the TOP OF THE PYRAMID when it comes to Media Propaganda.. Just watch the videos on youtube showing how World Wrestling Entertainment is all a part of this as well… You’ll notics that the Wrestlemania logo even has the ‘Sun Symbol”  in it… Remember the NWO (New World Order).. Wrestling is the worse, they blatantly tell you what’s going on…Just think of the pay per view events of wrestling… No Way Out.. No Mercy etc… the signs are everywhere..

Another thing… if you look at the eminem cover, you’ll see the left side of his face is RED… I’m not sure what this means, but then I looked at the face of Obama’s on many shirts, and the side of his face is RED too… ALSO, the show PRISON BREAK is showing signs too…. I just watched the latest episode “cowboys and indians”, Krantz (the main guy from the Company) almost dies in a car explosion.. When you see him after the accident you can see his left side of the fase is RED too… and also in that episode, Lincoln and Michaels mother turns to her driver and says “Shuttup and Drive”… Does that remind you of Rihanna’s song, “Shuttup and drive” thats whut I thought of when I heard her say that… Now I know alot of you will say “thats just a coincidence” but whatever, if thats the case the entire life that we know is just a coincidence.

Also, MSNBC (the popular  news station…the logo alone is a freemason symbol too, u’ll see in videos below) but look at the name “MSNBC” MSN = MASON, NBC = Embassy (Mason Embassy).. also, there is a segment during the news they blatantly call “MS. INFORMATION”) which has a woman telling the news.. but common now, Ms. Information = Misinformation.. the signs are right in front of us….

Thanks for checking this out, I will continually be updating my blogs, so bookmark this page and come back soon. TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHAT’S GOING ON.. AND PLEASE COMMENT AND MENTION ANYTHING ELSE YOU GUYS SEE THROUGHOUT THE MEDIA…

This is one of my favorite CDs EVER… Its done very well, I like EVERY SONG on this CD.. I will def’nitly be buying this CD upon its release on May 19th, 2009… Just understand the lyrics that are said on it, don’t be dumb like the powers that be want you to…


http://tiny.cc/youtubHiphop – over 50 videos showing the link between hip hop and secret societies

http://tiny.cc/ExGovtSpeaker – Interview with someone who used to be DEEP into the Government, listen to what he says.. He says he can speak about these things without the fear of dying because, the higher powers think they have already won. .. its crazy

http://tiny.cc/satanincsymbols – a video showing you SOOO MANY popular logo’s that have these satanic and freemason symbols incorporated in them..

http://tiny.cc/dominoslogo – a video showing the domino’s pizza logo, and the meaning behind it ( i dont fully understand the meaning but w.e.)

http://tiny.cc/jayzproof – PROOF of a Jay-Z remix .. where when the song is played normally its jibberish (backwards) but when you reverse it and hear what the jibberish is REALLY saying, you’ll be surprised what is actually said… listen to it…

http://tiny.cc/ZeitgeistMovie – Watch this 2 hour movie free on Youtube… It will educate you FULLY on what is going on… music is just one weapon their using on us…